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The National Mall & Lincoln Memorial | Kasey + Dalton

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Kasey and Dalton have not had professional photos taken together in the past, but as you will see, they absolutely nailed it! Kasey and Dalton met and dated through college and now live in the DC area. Upon meeting them it is so clear they are so comfortable together. When I first talked on the phone with Kasey I picked up right away that they were a super laid back and fun couple.

Dalton works as a campaigns manager and Kasey and Dalton are very active engaging on political and social issues, so naturally we headed straight for The National Mall. We arrived to monument, and were greeted with a low flying emergency helicopter over head. We started our session at The Martin Luther King Memorial looking over the Tidal Basin at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

The Reflecting Pool

After getting comfortable at the Martin Luther King Memorial, we headed over to The Reflecting Pool where Kasey and Dalton got flooded with compliments of how amazing they looked. There was so much encouragement and excitement for these two, absolutely love the DC community!

This photo below is an all time favorite! Kasey - you are going to be the most gorgeous bride <3

The Lincoln Memorial

At this point, the sun was starting to set and we got to walk and chat across The Reflecting Pool with this fun couple. The light reflecting off this monument makes for the most gorgeous shots! There were no shortage of amazing photos with this couple.