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The Osprey's At Belmont Bay | Bertha + Michael

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

This wedding was intimate and glamorous with tones of gold and amber throughout the ceremony and reception. The bride was stunning and the details of her dress, hair, make up, and veil were beyond glamorous. One of my favorite things about this day was watching the way the groom and the father of bride looked at, and loved on their bride. She is the queen of their world, and she absolutely looked like one on this day!

The reception was held at the gorgeous Osprey's At Belmont Bay, with the most beautiful view of the Potomac River. You enter The Osprey into the reception room and are immediately greeted by a glamorous room with beautiful chandeliers and the most gorgeous view of the property.

This couple decided to continue to have their wedding on their chosen day in 2020 (need I say more) and this meant only the closest and available friends and family were able to join in person, the rest joined us via live stream. There as no shortage of excitement and celebrating through the Facebook live stream group.

The ceremony was in an intimate room in their church with stunning stained glass details that created the most beautiful red and amber tones throughout the room.

Right after the ceremony we snuck off onto the church gazebo. It may have been raining but it didn't stop us from getting some of the most intimate portraits of the bridge and groom.

In love with this elegant love seat with the gorgeous back drop, so romantic <3 The details at this wedding are so stunning!

Congratulations to this stunning couple! We are so honored to be a part of our wedding day <3

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